3D Prototyping

We can deliver conceptual prototypes within days—and they’re free!

Our in-house design capabilities and rapid 3D prototyping services employ Stratasys modeling software to produce molds and parts capable of testing form, fit, and function. This offers countless efficiencies when launching a project quickly and keeping it moving. 

But that’s not all. We can produce small single- or multi-cavity tools to run up to 10,000 parts for product and equipment trials. Then count on us to provide in-plant assistance, ensuring that packaging, product, and process truly mesh as a cohesive whole. Get started now!


Switch to environmentally responsible solutions

Replace your landfill-bound foam (polystyrene) trays with rePETEable™ and reHDPEable™ trays. These smart packaging alternatives are both recycled and recyclable, helping you meet the demands of a growing demographic who prefer environmentally conscious materials.

aNU™ overwrap film is a healthier, more sustainable alternative to PVC. Research has shown that phthalates found in PVC may be harmful to humans.


rePETEable Trays

rePETEable Trays are made of the #1 recycled material (PETE) in the world, a material that can be recycled multiple times. They offer:

  • Superior clarity
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Rigidity
  • Material stability in refrigeration
  • Lightweight strength
  • Availability in a variety of colors and sizes

reHDPEable Trays

reHDPEable Trays are made of the #2 recycled material (HDPE) in the world and can stand up to temperature extremes. They offer:

  • Excellent freezer performance
  • Microwaveability 
  • Lightweight strength that is impact resistant and shatterproof
  • Malleability
  • Availability in a variety of colors and sizes


aNU Film is made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). It offers:

  • Superior clarity
  • Stretch
  • Memory of film
  • Puncture resistance
  • Tackiness