Custom solutions

Our approach begins with you

Together, we conduct a comprehensive analysis that identifies which materials and processes fit your budget, are convenient, provide extended shelf life, offer environmental safety, and more.

The final solution can encompass anything from product development to equipment solutions, process consulting, package technology, inventory management—we’ve got you covered.

Count on our rapid prototyping capabilities to keep your project moving forward. 


the value of strong identity

Having worked closely with brand owners in food processing and consumer brands, we recognize the value of a strong identity. So we strive to develop unique packaging solutions that maximize a brand’s value on the shelf and in consumers’ daily lives, including solutions for:

  • Case ready
  • Fresh meat
  • Fresh poultry
  • Frozen food
  • Convenience meals
  • Snacking
When we decided to start selling our cookie dough in the grocer’s freezer, Progressive Packaging designed a vertical, stand-up pouch that stocks easily in the freezer case while delivering optimal visibility. Our sales went up and now our customers can get oven hot cookies at home. Today we’re a frozen success thanks in part to Progressive Packaging.”
— “Sweet Martha” Olson
Sweet Martha’s cookies have been a popular Minnesota State Fair staple for over 25 years.