Market trends are ever evolving, and so are we. As households have migrated to longer work hours and decreased meal preparation time, we’ve become proficient in a multitude of:

  • Convenience meal solutions
  • On-the-go- packs
  • Microwave steaming technology
  • Refrigerated modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Case-ready applications
  • Shelf-stable retort packaging
  • High pressure processing (HPP)
    suitable packaging


Increasingly, consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging solutions. The effective development and implementation of a truly sustainable solution requires:

  • An understanding of both emerging and existing technologies
  • The ability to provide consumer safety at a cost-effective price 
  • A commitment to finding ways to promote landfill avoidance

Discover our proprietary PET and HDPE recycled material trays—and our non-PVC film