For nearly 20 years, Progressive Packaging has been our source of rigid plastic packaging development. Their indepth knowledge of the industry and their ability to understand our needs makes them one of Hormel Food’s premiere strategic suppliers.
— Dan Miller, GM, Applied Research & Package Development, Hormel Foods Corporation

Experience goes
a long way

Apply 200+ years of combined experience to your next project

Our extensive expertise crosses every point of the process: design, engineering, manufacturing, and product development. So we’re able to offer a true full-spectrum solution, from concept through final production. From finding the right resources to developing a first-to-market game-changer.

You need it done, Progressive Packaging will find a way.


We’ve got connections

For over twenty-five years, Progressive Packaging has been strategically sourcing packaging materials and equipment worldwide. Our goal has always been the same—to find the right partner solutions for each project. And to do it with speed and agility. We unite accomplished specialists to concept, create, and execute stellar packaging solutions that can achieve multiple goals, such as:

  • First-to-market innovation
  • Overall cost-savings
  • Manufacturing requirements
  • Display considerations
  • Evolving end-user trends


Market trends are ever evolving, and so are we. As households have migrated to longer work hours and decreased meal preparation time, we’ve become proficient in a multitude of:

  • Convenience meal solutions
  • On-the-go- packs
  • Microwave steaming technology
  • Refrigerated modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Case-ready applications
  • Shelf-stable retort packaging
  • High pressure processing (HPP)
    suitable packaging


Increasingly, consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging solutions. The effective development and implementation of a truly sustainable solution requires:

  • An understanding of both emerging and existing technologies
  • The ability to provide consumer safety at a cost-effective price 
  • A commitment to finding ways to promote landfill avoidance

Discover our proprietary PET and HDPE recycled material trays—and our non-PVC film



At the end of the day, our satisfaction comes from a job well done. But every so often, it arrives in a different form. Here are a few of the ways in which our work has been recently recognized.


Berry Plastics Crown Club 
Berry Plastics

Preferred Supplier of the Year

Spirit of Excellence
Award 2010-2015

Hormel Foods

2013 IOPP-Institute of Packaging Professionals–AmeriStar “Package of the Year” Award Winner 
Hormel Foods REV Wrap

Winner, Robbie’s 40th Anniversary Packaging Challenge 2010-2011
Robbie Flexibles

Supplier of the Year Award 2010
Famous Dave’s

2010 Foodservice Packaging Award for Marketing Innovation: Hormel Party Tray
The Food Packaging Institute (FPI)